World Premiere



Simon Wood | Francois Verster


South Africa | Ireland



Running Time:

92 min


English | Irish

When their three-day-old baby goes missing from Groote Schuur Hospital, the event comes to define the lives of Celeste and Mourne Nurse. Over the course of the next 17 years, they move through a relentless cycle of hope and despair, never giving up the search for Zephany, their missing daughter. When their second daughter Cassady joins a new school and finally finds her missing sibling living just a few kilometres away, it seems like the Nurse family’s prayers have been answered ? but things are never that simple. Imbued with the feel of a forensic thriller, Girl, Taken provides a full account of a story that has long occupied South Africa’s imagination, allowing all those involved to tell the story. The result is a rich and suspenseful film that doesn’t search for easy answers, but acknowledges the full complexity of life and families.

Courtesy of the Embassy of Ireland