The Radical

An intimate portrait of the world's first openly gay Imam and his fight for the radical inclusion of LGBTQ+ Muslims within Islam across the Africa.

World Premiere
SA Premiere



Richard Gregory


South Africa



Running Time:

90 min


English | Afrikaans

The Radical introduces us to 54-year-old Muhsin Hendricks, a South African man believed to be the first openly gay imam. Hendricks leads a devoted group of queer muslims, having started an organisation to support the LGBTQI+ community and running a personal empowerment programme that helps muslims reconcile their sexuality with their faith. The film provides first-person accounts of being and growing up queer as a South African Muslim in a society caught between the liberalism of its constitution and the conservativeness of its cultures and history. The film chronicles individual journeys to queer acceptance, as a diversity of muslim people negotiate these tensions. The film also provides an in-depth exploration of homosexuality in the context of Islamic theology and its texts, and challenges the orthodox interpretations.