An-Nisaa (Women)

An Nisaa

World Premiere



Thaakirah Behardien


South Africa



Running Time:

31 min


English | Afrikaans

Merging documentary and personal essay styles, this short film looks into Muslim women in comedy, activism, art and filmmaking and how each art form connects to their intersecting religious and gender identities. An-Nisaa (Women) uses objects, symbols, visuals and photographs to set the stage for a discussion of the experience of Muslim women on and off the stage. With the backdrop of Cape Town and the surrounding areas, this subject is expanded to the personal specific experiences of three different women. The film provide a glimpse into their communities, including Bo-Kaap and the Strand, and explores some of the obstacles and opportunities found by the intersections of their context and identity. With a colourful, vibrant and largely lighthearted tone in approaching what is often a heavy set of issues, the film captures a unique set of stories while speaking to overlapping South African female and Muslim identities.

Courtesy of the University of Cape Town